Dun sur Meuse is situated between the ancient Roman citadel town of Stenay, now famous for its European Beer Museum, and the historic city of Verdun.  The Meuse Valley has some spectacular biking roads, through open countryside or the peaceful wooded areas of the Argonne Forest and the Ardennes. The history of World War 1 is all around you with many Monuments, Memorials, Museums, destroyed villages and Fortress towns to visit.


Verdun a fortress since Roman times and the site of the longest battle of WW1, around which hinged the whole outcome of the war. Visit it's many forts, battlefields and the underground citadel. You cannot help but be moved by a visit to The Ossuary which contains the remains of 130,000 unknown soldiers. The Voie Sacree (Sacred Way) the only road in France without a number, was the life line to Verdun from Bar-Le-Duc, and a supply truck trundled along its 67 kms every 14 seconds.


Meuse Argonne American Cemetery is the largest  American Cemetery in Europe and the second largest outside of the USA. It is just 10km from us to the beautiful, tranquil location for the 14,246 American Dough Boys remaining there.


Vauquois a destroyed village, and how!  Heard of "Vimy Ridge", well this is more, and then some.



Montmedy Citadel was a primary fortress of the Maginot line in WW2. It is now possible to explore the Ramparts and underground tunnels of this ancient walled Citadel. There are three other Maginot Forts in the area which you can also visit.


Foret Vasion Go Ape for something completely different and a day off the bike! Just 5 minutes down the road we have the French version of Go Ape, an adventure playground for grown ups in the forest with levels to suit everyone. Pack your trainers!


Further afield Belgium, Luxembourg, Triers are all an easy day trip away. The Nurburgring is 150 miles away. We are well place for onward travel to Southern Germany, Black Forest, Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.