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Welcome to


and Dun Sur Meuse


Ian, a biker himself, welcomes you to Dun sur Meuse in the beautiful Meuse Valleywhether for a night en-route or to stay longer and explore the area and all it has to offer.

As a biker I understand what it is that you need:

Garaging and secure parking

Hot showers

Comfortable beds

Food and drink within easy walking distance,

Drying room

Workshop facilities

Wi-fi throughout house




We have 5 rooms, each with a private en-suite shower or bathroom.

We can accommodate up to 14 people in a mixture of double,

twin and three bedded rooms.




Bed and Breakfast - Including secure parking, WIFI and Tax


Twin/Double 70 per room,

3rd person sharing, €30

Single occupancy €55

A supliment of 5 will be added per room for bookings of 1 night only.


Sorry, we have no facilities to take payment by card,

we can also take sterling.